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Gta 2: Radia

Ve hře máte jediné rádio a to vám stále hraje v autě. Opakují se tu vždy stejné skladby po určitých úsecích.

Zde máte seznam skladeb.

"Taxi drivers"- Bulamatari
"Pendulum"- Flytronix
"Past Archives"- Flytronix
"Short Change"- Ez Rollers
"Do It On Your Own"- Anna

"My Tiny World"- Testing
"Real Love"- Pussywillows
"Southpark"- The One
"Vegas Road"- Conor & Jay
"Stuart Ross"- Guitars

"Yellow Butter"- Apostles Of Funk
"All I Wanna Do"- Davidson
"Holdin' It Out For You"- Stikki Fingerz
"I Wanna Phunk"- Track 7
"Showin' Me Love"- Negro VS. Conner
"Jacking In Hill Town"- E=MC Good Times
"L.E.D."- Reed
"Hows's It Done"- Numb
"A Cool Day In Downtown"- Bert Reid's Guitar Trio
"Toucan Pie"- Stylus Exodus
"The Diner"- Tammy Boness & The Swingin Mammaries
"Surf City"- Cow Tastes Good
"Dazed & Confused"- Spangly Feet
"God Bless All The Universe"- Rev Rooney & The Rocksta Choir
"Computer Lust"- Voice Box
"Garage Acid"- Future Loop
"Standing On My Own"- Sterlin
"Amazing Grace"- Zoneboys
"Flymutha"- Toys Are Real
"O2N"- 4 How Much 4
"Ball Blaster"- Do
"F.A.G. Filter"- Tsunami
"I Love This Feeling"- Scrapyard Mongrels 

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